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Food Prep – getting ahead

Updated: May 26, 2021

Most of us know that shop bought, ready made, processed foods are not a healthy choice. They contain preservatives and chemicals to maintain shelf-life, beneficial nutrients are lost during the industrial preparation and high levels of processing outside of our bodies leave little to be broken down in our stomachs, so digestion is quicker, spking blood sugar levels and creating a short lasting satiation period.

So it's the healthiest choice to cook from scratch but it can be hard to achieve when juggling busy, action packed lives.

How do you respond to the question “What’s for tea?”

I used to dread planning our meals, especially in a mixed household of veggies and omnivores, maintaining a gluten free, dairy free diet and navigating a fussy 5 year old (who thankfully is becoming more adventurous).

Tips to get ahead

  • Write down examples of different types of meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner, so you have a list of "go to" meals

  • Create a two week meal plan. Eating the same meals each week can become boring, we also need lots of variety for a healthy, balanced microbiome

  • Plan your meals for the week before you go food shopping so you know exactly what to buy and also reduce food waste

  • Have some flexibility in this plan, as life can change

  • Batch cook and freeze portions for a quick and easy meal another day

  • Invest in good quality food storage containers that are freezer and dishwasher proof

  • Be kind to yourself, if you have a busy week ahead, make sure that you factor in some quick and easy options

  • Buy a new recipe book for some inspiration and actually make the time to read it rather than admiring how nice it looks on the book shelf.

Invest some time in the planning stages and reap the rewards of easier and more enjoyable meal times. You'll be able to confidently answer “What’s for tea?”, have more efficient trips to the supermarket and that "winning" feeling of creating healthy homecooked food for yourself and your loved ones.

If you have health issues you'd like to address please book a free 15 minutes consultation (green button, top of this page) to talk more.

Enjoy Feeding Yourself Well!

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