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My Services

My soul's purpose is to help us to remember just how powerful we are, to help us understand that we co-create our reality and to empower people to live the best version of themselves. I do this by rebalancing physical issues, healing emotional trauma, and helping my clients to embody the energetic beings that we all are.


I find that often in the modern world we have forgotten our Divitity and we feel powerless to change our reality. Whether that's poor physical health or healing childhood trauma. 


We can turn to quick fixes like a pill for recurrent headaches or a vice to help us cope and distract us from the deep inner work that we're all here to do.


Common reasons why people come to see me

  • Gut health issues

  • Hormone imbalances

  • Stress

  • Anxiety, overwhelm

  • Nervous system overload

  • Wanting more from their life

  • Childhood trauma

  • Phobias

What is EFT?

It’s amazing!!! It’s very gentle yet hugely powerful and it gets results fast.

Based on the TCM Meridian system, it works by tapping on specific acupressure points, while focusing on an issue, either consciously or subconsciously.

It keeps the nervous system calm, moves us from fight/flight to rest/digest, from the reptilian part of brain to pre frontal cortex so we can think logically and clearly.

Emotions not released, are stored in the body and this can lead to unhealthy thought patterns, self-limiting beliefs, re-living of trauma. IT can also manifest as aches, pains and other physical conditions.

It’s like acupuncture without the needles

It works brilliantly on a superficial level to calm the body and the mind, and reduce daily anxiety, or nerves. I encourage all of my clients to tap daily.


While the real magic happens on a deeper level, allowing us to gently release deeper trauma or unravel limiting beliefs created in childhood that are at the root of unhelpful or dysfunctional behavior in adulthood.

What is Matrix Reimprinting?

If EFT is like watching a movie of your life, Matrix Reimprinting is like being in that movie. It works in a way where distance and disassocation is encouraged, so feelings are not fully felt, yet can be powerfully worked on.

Matrix Reimprinting is a technique that allows people to connect with their past traumas and core beliefs, empowers healing to take place and transform the trauma into

It's as gentle as EFT but the results are huge.

It uses EFT tapping with active visualisation and colour. It also works amazingly well if visualisation isn't your thing!


What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy uses the power of food, alongside targeted supplements and lifestyle modifications to rebalance the body systems and help create optimal health.  

I love empowering clients to take control of their health. 

My approach is holistic - looking at the foods you eat (or don't eat), your health history, working hours, stress load, work-life balance, family pressures, exercise, and relaxation.


I believe that our bodies have an inner wisdom, an intelligence, that they work continuously to keep us healthy and in balance.  Unfortunately in this busy age, we have become disconnected from what our bodies and our soul's need, so imbalances occur, leading to poor health and emotional disregualtion. The symptoms that we experience are our bodies' cries for help.  And it is our job to listen.

Completing a full health assessment, alongside a detailed 7-day food and symptom diary, will enable us to better understand the root causes of your health concerns. 

By identifying these root causes we can help your body to address these imbalances and find its way back to a healthier balance. i.e. back in balance and a healthier, happier you!

Nutritional Therapy uses the power of food, with targeted supplements and lifestyle modifications to rebalance the body systems and help create optimal health.  

All of my Nutrition recommendations are evidence-based and supported by science and research.

If you feel that your health isn't as good as you'd like it to be or if you have symptoms, such as poor digestion, sleep issues, skin complaints, stress/anxiety or chronic conditions that you'd like help with, please get in touch to see if working with me, would work for you.

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