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My Story

I am PASSIONATE about empowering people to take control of their health through diet and lifestyle changes. 


So often in today’s world, when it comes to health, we don't deal with the route cause of our illness and imbalances, instead, we try to firefight the symptoms.

For example if you have constant headaches, would you rather take a painkiller or actually deal with the route cause and stop them reoccurring – resolve dehydration, stress, hormone imbalances, toxin overload…


An analogy that I love is: –

If your bathroom is flooding do you a) start mopping or b) turn off the tap?

I turn off the tap.

I first became interested in Nutrition in my 20’s when I went to see a Nutritionist as I had been feeling very low; my mood was awful, my digestion shot, I was a mess.  After following her plan, my gut was healed, my mood restored and I had my mojo back!

In my 30’s I made the brave decision to re-train as a Registered Nutritionist and finally made the move away from a job that had been breaking me for years.  We were trying to get pregnant and I desperately wanted my children to see their Mother doing a job that she loved, not one that was breaking her down.

I trained at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Bristol, completing a 3 year Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition. Despite starting the course when I was pregnant, breastfeeding between lectures and dealing with many sleepless nights, I achieved a Distinction.

Since qualifying, I have completed further Post Graduate training and regularly undertake CPD. I am CNHC accredited and Bant certified. 

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