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My Services

My Services

The modern world we live in exerts much stress, strain and pressure on our bodies. This coupled with high levels of toxicity and environmental pollution, leaves us out of balance, and susceptible to health complaints and chronic conditions.  


Our bodies work consistently to heal, fix and repair us.  Often they are crying out for help and do this via signals such as disrupted sleep, poor skin, headaches, brain fog and gut issues, etc.

I’m passionate about restoring balance and natural order, by working with the innate intelligence of the body.  With the right fuel, nutrients and support, I believe it is completely possible to regain optimal health.

Here are some of the common reasons why people come to see me

Hormone Health.png

Hormone Health

There are many natural ways to support hormone health - conditions such as PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis and Fertility issues.  Hormone imbalances can have a detrimental effect on ones life, making you not feel yourself  and unbalanced.

Stress & Anxiety.png

Stress & Anxiety

Our nervous systems are under a great deal of pressure in todays busy and often frantic world.  I work to remove stresses, calm the nervous system, help neurotransmitter production and move you from "fight and flight" back to "rest and digest".

Cancer Support.png



A cancer diagnosis can be frightening. Nutritional therapy examines the relationship between cancer and diet, including how food can reduce or increase your risk of cancer. It can support the body through treatment and help to lessen the side effects. It can also address any issues with food intake due to cancer treatment.



I have first hand experience of fertility issues; years of infertility, recurrent miscarriage and IVF treatment.  I am passionate about supporting both men and women's fertility naturally and I firmly believe that egg quality, sperm health and endometrial lining can be improved naturally.

Blood Sugar.png

Blood Sugar 

Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2 and metabolic syndrome can be successfully managed with personalised nutrition. Controlling your blood sugar effectively, is much easier if you know what, when and how to eat.  This also reduces your risk of developing further complications.



Women go through perimenopause, into menopause and to post menopause.  This time does not have to be hard or difficult or years of hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, poor energy and low sex drive. With the right support and natural interventions, it is perfectly possible to relieve these symptoms by addressing what the body needs to process the changes in hormone levels.

Gut Health.png

Gut Health

IBS, bloating, flatulence, loose stools, and constipation and food intolerances are common symptoms for many people.  I can support clients through a gut healing protocol to repair the gut lining and rebalance the microbiome. 



Symptoms of thyroid imbalance include issues with weight, mood, menstruation, temperature control, thinning hair and energy levels. Tests used by GPs often miss thyroid problems due to the limited parameters they use. 

I always suggest conducting a full thyroid panel, in these cases.

Alleriges, Asthma, Ezcema.png


Asthma, eczema and allergies are more often than not the result of an over re-active immune system, driven by gut issues. A gut healing protocol along with immune system support gets to the root cause of the this rather than just tackling the surface symptoms.

Functional Testing

Functional Testing is conducted privately and can be expensive, therefore I only recommend it, when doing so would really add value to investigations.  Samples include stool, salvia, blood or hair.  Testing often shows the missing part of the puzzle and gives insights and answers that would otherwise be impossible.

These are common tests, but not an exclusive list 


Gut Analysis

There are various levels of functional test which look at – the gut microbiome, intestinal infection, parasites, inflammation, bacteria/fungal overgrowth, GI immune function and biomarkers which can give further information on absorption and digestion.


Thyroid Function

A hormone test that provides a thorough analysis of thyroid hormone metabolism. The thyroid gland is central to our metabolization, suboptimal function can show as weight gain, low energy, mood issues, thinning hair.  Unfortunately, due to restricted parameters used in GP tests, issues are often missed.


Food Intolerance

A blood test which assesses whether particular foods cause an immune system reaction via an IgG antibody profile.

Food intolerances can show up as gut issues, brain fog, poor cognitive function, achy joints, headaches and sleep issues.

Untitled design (2).png



A comprehensive urinary female hormone analysis to pinpoint

imbalances. This test assesses parent hormones, their metabolites, and key metabolic pathways. It can be used to identify the root cause of hormone related conditions such as PMS, menstrual issues, infertility, PCOS, endometriosis and menopause symptoms.


Fertility & Pregnancy Hormones

For women, a test which measures specific hormones involved in fertility, menstrual cycle and menopause. The test measures Luteinising Hormone (LH), which controls the reproductive system and triggers egg release, Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH), involved in egg production and the menstrual cycle, Oestradiol, which maintains the productive system, and Prolactin, which if disrupted can have significant effects.

For men, a Sperm and Semen analysis, is recommended.


Adrenal Stress Profile

This test can reveal HPA axis (hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal) disfunction by measuring the stress hormones Cortisol and DHEA.

This provides direction for clinical intervention, such as nutrient support and/or adaptogens, stress management, behavioural changes, and lifestyle modifications.

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